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Happy Victoria Day.

One of the most World changing items and oldest things we have come across this year Queen Victoria related, is this postage stamp from the United Kingdom (Great Britain)

What is so special about this postage stamp? This is from 1840 - and it is the FIRST ever postage stamp ever issued in the WORLD. Known to stamp collectors as the "Penny Black" and is a must have in any collection. Some of these stamps can fetch upwards of $200,000 depending on condition. We have one up for sale in our Oddspot Auction Lot #2 ending 5/23/2022 - wonder where it will end up at?

Rowland Hill a U.K. Scholar/Reformer got this stamp and adhesive concept into motion as a way to make postage affordable for everyone - and not just the rich. There were some other problems with the Royal Mail this helped solve as prior to this, people sent letters and the receiver had to pay upon delivery. Clearly, the receivers were not paying in proportion and created a problem that needed to be solved!

Interesting side note, today the U.K. is still the only place in the World that does not display the Country / Location name on their stamps. Did you inherit Grandpas old stamp collection? This may be lurking among them and quite possibly something rare. We have sold, sorted 10,000's of thousands of stamps and know what to look for - maybe you have a diamond in the rough. We would be happy to consult, or sell for you.

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