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I Think It is Time To Start An Airline.

Updated: Apr 5, 2021


ODDSPOT is officially announcing our stake in the airlines playground as of now!

We have no planes, no staff or expertise in this field............BUT TODAY WE ANNOUNCE ODDSPOT AIR.

A new airline company, it will take you to the odd places, economically and comfortably. Our relationships, behind the scenes work during this last year is all about the next destination.

OK well, we are not really doing that! .... in 2001, another Canadian company 20 years ago tried to do such a thing that was just as bold.


A clothing company, wanted to start an airline. They began in March 2001 and were no longer around in May 2001.

ODDSPOT had these incredibly rare Airport Terminal posters for ROOT AIRLINES for sale.

They sold to Fabrizio, who was a former employee for the short lived airline and is apart of an upcoming 20th anniversary of the airlines. Obviously Fab's short stint there made a long impression along with the other workers to make this upcoming event happen whether virtually or in person.

Fabrizio says "It was unlike anything out there. Our safety training was three weeks, and our service training was nearly four! Never "honey" or "sweetie". Always, "Sir" and "Madame". Never stand over a passenger when speaking, always bend at the knee to bring yourself eye level. Put a blanket on a sleeping passenger if they don't have one.

Walk single file through the airport, starting with the Captain, in order of seniority. In gold glass, leather place mats, linen napkins, chocolate brown leather seats. Wood grain carts to match the bulk heads. Five course meals. All galley plated. Always place the plate with the "R" logo facing the passenger. Signature dessert was an apple galette with ice cream. It was amazing. And just as we were getting comfortable with our service, they shut us down! Ha ha."

SKYSERVICE who had a stake in the ROOTS airlines was bought out by AIR CANADA in 2001 before it even really got off the ground. Who knows where they airlines would have gone. ...and in Sept 2001 9/11 happened... A massive airlines strike. How would ROOTS airlines had to deal with that?

In 2020, your world, our world was shaken up from the COVID-19 hit. What are you doing about this? your company and future plans? ODDSPOT is not starting an airlines, ODDSPOT will continue to be, but also explored and branched off into other fields to learn from this.

If you really think about it - it probably does not sound like a bad idea as after this is all over people will definately want to travel and explore the country, world and beyond. Maybe we should start an airline.

Fabrizio says "I was on the last flight in from Vancouver, and was able to get a couple of "souvenirs" off the aircraft. What were they going to do, fire me?!

We come across some pretty amazing things, history, culture, value, inspirations and this was just another part of it.

*UPDATE* More to come from this is in the works..... Joe, who worked on the Advertising and Marketing side in Toronto in 2000 has more details to share. A few days ago, he showed up to unveil his "work tarp" something he has been using for 20 years under his feet, lugging around, always in his car... yes, you guessed it a ROOTS AIR piece JOE saved that was on the way to the garbage... cannot make this stuff up.... MORE TO COME From this interesting story,

***Update April 5th... More to come - Look at the building, it has the R Logo on it!!! Did not notice this before.

***Update April 5th, look at the sky clouds, there is an R in the SkY!!!! did not notice this before, more GOLD to come

Craig Belliveau


Burlington, Ontario, Canada

January 2021

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