Our story: 


Back when we first started ODDSPOT, interesting inventory was always needed and in search of to sell to our customers. That's when we discovered that people have a problem when faced with a death in the family, moving suddenly, downsizing or a situation where they need to sell a lot of stuff quickly. We recognized that this is something ODDSPOT can address and create a solution for this problem.

Our online auction model was conceived and is a new  lane that has been expanded on the ODDSPOT highway. This brings everything together with our retail store, eBay, online social media and our Oddspot online auction selling fronts.  We ship all over the World, and have 4000+ customers who have signed up for our

email list.

Each client scenario is different, but to simplify; our service is to help people in a situation or the burden of having to get rid of a lot items in a quick and most effective manner. Basically,  getting them paid for their unwanted or no longer needed useful items through our various selling lanes.

We can do onsite service, but  one of our advantages is we can bring and sort the goods offsite to a standard location for easy and smooth pickup for auction customers. Not only are the auction buyers happy with the consistency,  this also keeps the client's privacy and allows them space in the home to do what needs to be done.

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