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Sport Cards Comeback

Did you hear about the $1.29 Million Wayne Gretzky Rookie Hockey Card recently sold?

In the article, Chris Ivy who I have dealt with in the past with Heritage Auctions - _understates_ "does not come up too often". A PSA 10 O Pee Chee 1979-80 card in general is hard to accomplish with it's solid blue border, with the crude printing/cutting sheets production back in the day.

We sent away the same card to PSA 4 years ago, was pretty optimistic we would get a 7 ..maybe an 8.... the results were a PSA 4 !!

See the video prior to sending off here !

Today, PSA 4 is about $1500 to $2000 USD - especially when the the PSA 10 Grade Bar has risen the rest.

,,still think it was at least a PSA 6..the comments agree.

A large part of the resurgence in sports cards are due to a couple of things. Super Star Players are out there, Conor McDavid, The Greek Freak, Patrick Mahomes and more. It's a hobby where Dad (30 to 40 something now) remembers this being apart of their youth, and now can share the hobby with their children and do this together. Tim Hortons, Manufacturers are doing a good job of creating the niche/hook lure by adding rare cards to the sets. Also, Gary V - a massive social influencer has been playing around with this for the last year, and was a big part of his roots - with his following there are bound to be ones who will jump on the opportunity. Cards are fun, they are tangible stocks to speculate on. They are a connection to the athlete, to an experience with your family or friends watching a game at the arena, stadium. The rare cards will always fetch a premium, like artwork - the middle of the road stuff will always go where the market will bear (IE what someone is willing to sell / pay) thoughts overall is it is good to see an old hobby, something you would not predict make a comeback -like vinyl records - both areas we have been here all along for!

look in January in our auction for TONS OF SPORTS CARDS - we are sorting them out now!

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