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The Beach Strip.

If you are from around the Hamilton-Burlington Bay area, you may - or for sure your Grandparents, Parents may recall this world not so long ago.

How awesome is that - Pre Skyway Bridge construction, beach strip amusement park, such a different view of the landscape you see down there today. #burlington #hamilton #hamont #hamon #burlon #beachstrip

Harry Oakman Aerial Large Photograph - Hamilton/Burlington - Pre-Skyway Bridge

At a client's house last night working on selling items in our auction and buying vinyl records for the store - this wonderful large photograph will be purchased by us for the warehouse office. I love this kind of stuff. Local history, sights and landscapes I see everyday not long ago were so different. Photographer Harry Oakman was like a Canadian Pioneer - Looked into it a bit, I have deep respect!.. - Owner of the Peterborough Post Card Co., worked nationwide often taking aerial and motel images, during the 1940s-1960s. - If Harry was around nowadays, I bet he would have been making websites during the DOT COM boom, or creating APPS for your cellphones a few years ago and now probably a Crypto NFT guru.

I look forward to having this wonderful piece of history from my backyard hanging in the warehouse office. - love helping our clients, love preserving history and items to share to you. This is what we do.

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