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ODDSPOT turns 6 years old.

WoW, we made it this far 6 years in retail, and couple years before we opened my location. Lots of hurdles, lots of sacrifice, risk, and grind to believe in the vision of my business. Thanks to all who support the retail store ODDPSOT Downtown, Burlington, Ontario Canada and our online auction ODDSPOT AUCTIONS over the years. We are an infant, and so much more is to come. I want to celebrate a few milestones over the years, interesting things that I have come across and share a bit about the future.

I had the name ODDSPOT rolling around my head for 10 years, and then I found this location Downtown Burlington, Ontario off the beaten path - it was perfect to set up base. Location, Name, RENT price all checked the boxes.

Took a lot of work, and favours from close friends to get electrical, walls etc up to code!!!! 3 months at night, hour, 2 hrs here and there after working a full day at former corporate job.

Sept 4, 2015 we made our first sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $10 - 1930 Nature Magazine

any early look at the store in year one.

Keytar Yamaha "new" opened box - seen so many incredible things over years, here are a few shares!!!!!

Do you see what is here? Northlands Coliseum Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup and Division Banners - in my hands, bought- sold - absolutely crazy !!

1920's Photo Booth Topper arriving in San Francisco to restorers.

HMS OSIRIS Captain getting a British Navy ship badge that once was on the walls of the Vickers-Armstrong builder walls. 1 of 12 of these I got about 8 years ago, absolutely incredible pieces of history. This one here was presented to the Captain and brought tears to his eyes, someone in Baltimore purchased it and framed this up. Amazing.

Rare Roots Airlines items, from short lived 3 month company - very rare!!!!

1980's SPARX BIWAY NEW OLD STOCK SHOES my size, rocked them for 3 years, now retired

BONESQUAD BICYCLES - first vendor in store, sparked idea to bring in more local vendors ca 2018 Dave and I before he set up shop in VAN - Entrepreneurs

clearing out houses, it is amazing how many things are in bags of companies that do not exist anymore - this is what I collect, probably up to 75-100!

The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern patio sign, ca 1990s - more to come from this!! stay tuned.

Rich, my store manager who has been on board for 2 years and I will continue to do what we do as Unicorns. our first work june 2018, Rich brought some shirts for me to sell... here is my video to market em....

the future looks good, thanks so much to all of you for your support over the years~!~

cheers to all with my vintage schooner stubby, wood panel basement, tube tv, wired vcr !!!!!!

Craig Belliveau


Oddspot / Oddspot Auctions

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