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Preserving Photography History.

The last 10 years has really changed the way we all take and share photos. Before digital photography & social media existed, capturing a moment to see and share "instantly" was a space that only existed in the 1 HR Photo Film Development, Polaroid & Photo Booth World. I am not stating there is anything wrong with this progress, but I do have a soft spot for the analog world and hobbyists, artists to learn the craft of film and appreciate this art. What is more amazing, is to learn that

Photomatica in San Francisco has on their agenda to restore old photobooths and get them out to the people who share this mindset.

The guys here, just received an incredible piece we shipped to them and came across a year ago from Canada.

ca. 1920's Photo Booth Topper by David McCowan. A Canadian who invented a working photo booth that published a photo in about 5 minutes onto a pocket mirror for 25 cents. A major hit, Sunnyside Toronto, CNE and in North America... David and his patent, story and history goes way beyond my blog.

Joe, our source from Burlington, Ontario, Canada with his great eye found this piece in Caledon, ON back in the 1970's at an antique store. Then, it was only 50 years old, now it is almost 100! . Joe has an accomplished Advertising background and bought this piece because he appreciated the typography, and the work behind it and wanted to make a backlit project from it. 40 years later, it never happened and ODDSPOT was lucky enough to acquire this piece and make sure Joe's find, project plans will go even more beyond.

Arrived safely from Canada to California, these are the right guys to guys to have this piece! Real pleasure to experience what they do, and learn more about what they do and some interesting Canadian Photography History

getting the package ready, was so stressed!

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