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Every home has a gem.

We clear out storage units, houses, apartments on a regular basis. We are never surprised to always find a great gem along the way. Sometimes things go for what we think should get more, and other times things go for a home run. It is the balance of an auction and part of what we do.

This trunk above, and similar usually sell for $20 to $50... here this one smashed a home run at $114. It had a fantastic look, patina and colour scheme and had everything going for it!.

Here, same consignor we only got $3, should have got more, hand made retro blanket. Great Colours, We just didnt have 2 people willing to fight out this one!

Same home, had this amazing 1800's antique chair - we managed to find out it was made by Dayton, OH Stomps Burkhardt - and it did very very well.. $235 - you just never know what you may have, and we will do our best to get the most of what you do have! - Instagram video day of loading Sept. 2020

consignors are welcome to inquire

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