Hardcover believed to be 1854 first edition
very rare book, could be only one available for sale in years,  there is no other examples found through google images, or web.
I am not a book grader, here are some flaws:
-there is fraying on the spine and a small hole
-the corners have issues
-the first few pages are loose
-there are two owners names inside the front, J L Travers 1883 Toronto and 1903 another Travers relative

-book says with "illustrations" - I only see the one near the front
-486 pages, then a few pages advertising other books from publisher GEORGE ROUTLEDGE & SONS 

Cardinal Richelieu was an important person in the history of Paris, France and is also featured as a main character in Dumas' Three Musketeers

bottom line on this, super rare opportunity being offered here to own this book -no, it is not perfect, but since its so rare an excellent piece of history to consider

Life of Richelieu (Cardinal) William Robson 1st Edition HC 1854

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