Ultimate British Collection Box Set

An astounding 84 hours of classic British comedy! Six different television programs in a massive 33 disc set!

1. Rowan Atkinson Presents...Canned Laughter > this is the first time ever on DVD or VHS this is vintage Rowan Atkinson before his famous stints in "Mr. Bean", "Black Adder" and "Not 9 O'Clock News"
2. Only When I Laugh > all 29 episodes from this hospital based Britcom's 4 season run plus the never before released Christmas Special. In the past, only 12 episodes have been available on DVD and have since been deleted
3. On The Buses > still currently airing throughout Canada all 74 episodes of this hugely popular series are included
4. Mind Your Language > outlandish comedy that inside an ESL school was beloved by over 17 million viewers all over the world
5. Desmond's > the barbershop comedy that aired on BET in the 1990s and on Vision TV (1995-2005) that gained a loyal following on this side of the pond
6. That's My Boy >stars the beloved Molly Sugden from the huge hit Are You Being Served?

The Ultimate British Comedy Collection 32 DISC SET