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Two adventurous squirrels, Zig and Zag, stumbled upon an interdimensional tree portal in the heart of Nutshire. Instead of finding their usual acorn stash, the curious duo found themselves catapulted into ODDSPOT!,

Startled but undeterred, Zig and Zag decided to make the most of their unexpected journey. They embarked on a wild romp through the aisles, marveling at eccentric artifacts and befriending peculiar creatures.  And so, the nutty adventure of ZIG and ZAG will continue.. leaving everyone wondering what other oddities Zig and Zag will discover next in this offbeat dimension.


This set of Squirrel Salt & Pepper Shakers set encapsulate the spirit of Japan's kitschy charm! No flaws or chips to note, Zig and Zag await a new good home today!

Anthropomorphic Vintage Squirrels (S & P)

SKU: saltpeppersquirrel
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