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I never believe what I see on the surface.

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

In general my philosophy since I was a kid to not just believe or agree what you get presented to you, whether it be news, history, things etc. It may have got me into being cast as rebellious - but this trait and perspective has really come in handy processing items we get from consignors, downsizing/estate auction clients, storage clearouts. WHY? I always turn over every stone. I do not believe the information in front of me until I satisfy myself that is true. Here is an example, a 1909 Framed picture came in the morning - is there something hiding behind the picture and the backing? I have to check and know for sure.

I am not a skeptic, I am an optimist - and have to be skeptical and look at all angles beyond what is in front of me, and this is a just an example - something was hiding in plain sight.

Now it was not the legendary 1991 $4 flea market buy that found an original 1776 Declaration of Independence

This was a $1 Million Dollar find back then - I remember this as a 20 something'er and it sticks.

I have found 1000's of Dollars in linens, drawers, under tablecloths, in cupboards, tins for my clients over the years. I have found 1800's flint lock pistols inside boxes of hallway lamps and on and on and on.... one day, we will find the big one for our client! we will continue to do what we do.

2 - ca 1800-1810 British Crown Hallmarked Flintlock Pistols I found in a storage locker - that was in a box of 1970s lighting fixtures!?! - These sold in 2 hours from finding, and bringing into the store.

Do you need us to to help you sell anything?

Here is another example that happened as well today, a list of items was brought in - but on actual processing the data I discovered a hand signed autographed Joe Carter print! this happens all the time

I even saw with my own eyes $5000 in old 1980s bills found inside an old radio he paid $5 for back in my flea market days.

That find for us and our clients are just on the horizon I can bank on it.

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