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Antique Project Folk Art Chair Sold

We picked up some items from a Burlington Consignor back in November. One of the items was a peculiar chair with charm and character, but also in bad need of restoration. A real mystery piece to us, was it 100 years old? Where was it from?

We ended up selling this chair in one of our December auctions for $44.00 Link found here.

The winning buyer, recently found out more information on the origins. Apparently, this is from about ca. 1960 south Russia/Turkey region. Wonder how it made it's way to Canada? Wonder why it was left to deteriorate for so long. Let's hope

we hear back from the winning buyer someday that they were able to recapture the original character as seen below.

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1 Comment

How cool is that! Nothing like finding a great find and getting it for a song!

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